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PCA is affiliated with National Cheerleading Championships (NCC) Philippines. 

The NCC is the Philippines’ first and only NATIONWIDE cheerleading organization.

The NCC conducts camps and competitions in provinces and cities all across the Philippines, called the Regional Qualifiers. The top teams then move on to compete against the best in the country’s biggest cheerleading competition, called the Nationals.

The NCC Season takes place annually from October-March. It is usually divided into two parts: the Regional Qualifiers from October -December and the Nationals from January-March.

The NCC also conducts regular cheerleading camps. These include private coaching and skills training, one-day mini-camps, and the NCC International Cheer Camps, which feature American instructors and coaches from some of the top collegiate programs in the United States.

It is the mission of the NCC to establish a world-class cheerleading program that allows athletes to excel internationally.

For the 2011-2012 season, the NCC offers 8 divisions: College Coed, College All-Girls, High School Coed, High School All Girls, Junior All Girls, Peewee All-Girls, Groups Stunts Open and Partner Stunts Open.

The National Dance Championships (NDC) offers 6 divisions: All Girl College, All-Girl High School, and All-Girl Junior divisions in Hiphop and Jazz categories.

The PCA is affiliated with the International Cheer Union (ICU)

The International Cheer Union currently encompasses 101 member National Federations and continues to grow as a unified voice for all those who are dedicated to the positive advancement of cheerleading throughout the world. Many individuals and organizations from a large number of countries have contributed to the principles and ideals embodied in the International Cheer Union. 

The ICU is structured to provide balanced input and governance based on the various stages of development in which cheerleading finds itself across the globe. It serves as a powerful advocate for those who are truly dedicated to the advancement of cheerleading, and especially for the young athletes who participate. The ICU is a non-profit international governing entity, and it has been properly and legally registered as such. Its mission and purpose are strictly to advance the sport. No corporations or individuals will benefit financially from it. 

A Governing Council of the ICU represents the various geographic areas where cheerleading exists. Individuals who represent specific countries and who have experience in our sport are eligible for positions on the Council, as well as to be considered for assignment to various committees that are currently being formed. The ICU continues to accept membership applications from National Cheer Federations (also known as National Governing Bodies for Sport Cheer) from all countries around the World. 

Countries that do not have an established National Cheer Federation, the ICU may provide general recommendations and assist with the process as much as possible. However, each nation generally has some of its own specific requirements to be officially recognized. The ICU appreciates very much the contributions all international organizations and federations have made to the development of cheerleading in their countries. The ICU works closely with them all on this exciting endeavor.